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Our team have the experience to weld almost any metal, providing superior penetration for a stronger weld and beautiful finishes to admire. Our range of welding can be seen from heavy industrial welding all the way through to intricate welds for competition in the Ellerslie Flower Show.

Fabrication and repair

With over 25 years of maintenance engineering experience, our qualified engineers can fabricate parts and repair machinery quickly to ensure any down time is kept to a minimum, and with a mobile workshop vehicle available at all times we can perform most repairs onsite.

Electrical diagnostics and fault finding

Having a level 2 electrical qualification, our engineer can quickly diagnose electrical faults and pinpoint where a registered electrician needs to focus, saving you and the electrician precious time.

Sewing machine maintenance

Our engineers have years of experience in repairing and maintaining industrial sewing machines

Maintenance & Diagnostics

At Bespoke we love machinery, and as such we want to hear the sweet sounds of a machine running correctly. Maintenance of machinery is important to us and we can quickly diagnose when a machine is feeling sick or tired, then replace any parts required to make it feel better and running smoothly again.

Maintenance scheduling

Maintenance of machinery and plant is important and everybody knows it but it can be overlooked sometimes. We can provide businesses with a maintenance scheduling program to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and ensure your machinery operates as it should.

Health and Safety guarding

Our team have the expertise to fabricate and install safety guarding on machinery that more than complies with the Health and Safety in Work Act, whilst ensuring that maintenance of machinery is easily accessed.

Ducting, fans and baghouses

We have installed several ducting systems ranging from 20 metres in length to over 150 metres. Our clients were suitably impressed by our superior trade craft and ease to adapt to sudden variations in their plans. Our ability to fabricate variations onsite and during factory shut down periods ensured no lost productivity for our clients.

Compressed air systems

Our engineers will happily help you plan your compressed air system then supply and install without fuss. We can provide superior products which will ensure you have the correct capacity for your needs and can provide technical backup at any time.