From replacing bearings in an industrial mincing machine, welding up a cracked cast aluminium pipe to installing complex machinery, BTS Engineering does it all. Our skilled team can turn their hands and minds to everything that’s metal and mechanical with their problem solving skills. We’ve seen it all, so don’t panic if you’ve had a major breakdown or failure. We visit all sites in all locations – the good, the bad and the smelly!

General Engineering

We provide a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services for all mechanical equipment. You want machines and structures that are safe, efficient and fit for purpose. In fact, your machines are probably a vital part of the modern world and play a key role in keeping our country moving.

At our depot in Christchurch, we have a broad range of tools to carry out most metal and mechanical jobs. We have certified welders and fabricators on the team, so anything you need cutting, joining or shaping with metal can be done with us. Our range of welding can be seen all over New Zealand, from heavy industrial welding, stainless pipework in meat processing through to the intricate welds for competition, such as the Ellerslie Flower Show. You’ll find us working all over the South Island at various locations. From sawmills to asphalts plants, butchers to farmers, we travel anywhere we’re needed to get the machine fixed and your business back on track.

Factory maintenance and diagnostics

Factory maintenance and diagnostics is a critical part of any manufacturing business. By regularly maintaining and diagnosing your factory equipment, you can prevent downtime, improve efficiency and extend the lifespan of your machinery. But sometimes, things do go wrong. Maybe you’ve got a problem with the pneumatics or hydraulics of a machine, or the machine just isn’t running smoothly. BTS Engineering has a mobile workshop vehicle available at all times, so that we can perform most repairs onsite.

And we love to show you what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, so that should the same problem arise next time, you and your team may have the skills to fix it yourselves. We have installed several ducting systems ranging from 20 to 150 metres in length, with multiple legs. Our clients are always delighted at how we can adapt to sudden variations in their plans. We’re happy to work around you and can fabricate during factory shutdown periods, ensuring no lost productivity for your customers.

Machinery installation and set-up

We recognise that every job is different. And every time you install a new machine, it can cause significant disruption to your business. That’s why we offer machine installation, removal and relocation to suit your needs. We deliver to an extremely high standard, so that your resources are continually maximised, downtime is minimised and costs are managed.

Whether it’s using pneumatics, hydraulics, steam or another power, we can get the job done smoothly and on time and on budget with minimal disruption. We love to help our clients with anything mechanical: material transfer equipment, vacuum packers, CNC machines, grading plants, conveyors and rollers. You name it; we probably install it or fix it.


We travel all around the South Island to help maintain and repair your equipment to keep your business running smoothly.