Slashing maintenance costs to boost your bottom line? Big mistake.

We see it time and time again. When cashflow is tight and operations managers are looking for ways to cut costs, inevitably one of the first things to go is regular maintenance. They will cross their fingers and call us to postpone our upcoming visit, safe in the knowledge that if their machinery does happen to break down, BTS are only a phone call away.

Make no mistake, while we are only a phone call away and will attend to your breakdown any time of the day or night, when it comes to working machinery, the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff is infinitely more expensive than the support service at the top of it.

A breakdown in one area can have a catastrophic knock-on effect that disrupts your entire operation, setting production back, sometimes for days, and costing your company substantially more than you could hope to save by slashing your servicing expenses.

We’re all feeling the pinch at the moment, so we understand that businesses are aiming to be as streamlined as possible, but machines don’t care about interest rates and inflation and unlike cash flow their servicing needs don’t fluctuate, so take our advice and make the commitment to stick to your maintenance schedule, your business depends on it more than ever.

The kids are all grown up!

On a cheerier note, the more junior members of the BTS team have been working hard to acquire the skills needed to attend jobs on their own, and this is allowing us not only to cover a lot more ground, but to be able to provide a more in-depth service for our clients. We are really proud of the calibre of our younger team members, and we genuinely believe that they have reached a point in the training where they can augment any experienced engineers well and offer a great assist on projects or breakdowns.

Flying High with BTS Engineering

BTS recently donated the cost of a school visit from the team at Flying High. Running from 1 March through to 30 June, this project aims to reach over 6,000 young people, educating them about the importance of STEAM learning ( science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics). STEAM is a vital component of critical thinking and inquiry, and will be required for the majority of jobs performed by our children when they leave school.

Aimed at 8-14 year olds in low decile schools, this scheme weaves Matauranga Māori and sustainability into its programme, and by taking interested youngsters up in a hot air balloon, it offers them a unique perspective of the world around them. We think this is a great initiative, and we hope it encourages more young people to enrol in STEAM subjects so that they can one day become mechanical engineers just like us!